How can August Safety Management make a difference to you?

  • Practical, friendly and approachable with advice that’s easy to understand and to action, helping you to be legally compliant.

  • Nothing unnecessary - saving you time and money by making everything appropriate to your business.

  • Affordable prices – the cost to you is based on the complexity of your business, the hazards involved, and the time required to meet your requirements. Payment plans possible.

  • Availability – if your work activities dictate that we need to visit you at weekends or evenings, this can be arranged. We need to see your business “in action” to accurately assess your risks and requirements.

  • We can act as your competent person for ongoing health and safety managment.

  • We will always remind you 6 weeks before your review is due so you don’t have to remember to call us.

  • We can liaise with Safety and Environment authorities on your behalf.

  • Pain free – We take away the complicated job that you don’t want to face, saving you time, money and worry – if your staff or customers are injured it will cost you much more. So don’t blow your budget, we’re a fraction of the cost of an explosion!


It’s helpful having a fresh pair of eyes looking at your premises and business activities. As experts we will notice hazards and potential accidents that you might miss.

The law requires employers to provide a safe place of work; inspections need to be carried out to ensure you are maintaining the safety of your employees, and anyone else on your premises. We can conduct such inspections annually or more frequently if you wish, and teach you how to do inspections regularly to ensure your good standards are maintained. An inspection of small, low-risk premises might take no more than an hour and then with a report and action plan cost from only £195.

Risk Assessments

Many business owners don’t know how to do a risk assessment but ALL businesses must do risk assessments and review them regularly. If you have 5 or more employees it is a legal requirement to write it down. The risk assessment procedure is to establish what hazards exist, who can be harmed and how, what control measures are (or can be) put in place and what is the likelihood and potential severity of an accident occurring.

August Safety’s experience and knowledge in risk assessment covers a huge variety of hazards from slips, trips & falls to explosions. We can ensure all your hazards are assessed adequately and that you are able to prevent accidents in the workplace as far as reasonably practicable.

We can provide you with:

  • Simple risk assessments for low-risk activities; e.g. display screen assessments, office safety , from £79.
  • More complex risk assessments covering multiple high-hazard activities. Prices dependent on complexity.
  • And many more in between.


A health and safety policy should state the employer’s intentions and commitment to keep their staff and others safe in their workplace. It shows the organisation and arrangements made to ensure safety and maintain standards. A simple policy statement may be just one page and cost from only £85. A more complex health and safety management system will include detailed arrangements for controlling all workplace hazards in multi activity sites.

Our policies include:

  • Lone working
  • Expectant mothers
  • Work experience and young people
  • Workplace stress
  • Activity-specific policies


A health and safety audit is an independent and methodical process to consider the health and safety systems, documentation and performance of a business and measure these to assess the effectiveness of the health and safety management system. This is for medium to larger sized businesses. It will involve interviews with key personnel, as well as an inspection of the workplace and examination of documentation such as risk assessments, training records etc. The audit is usually a minimum 2 day process; time and costs depending on the size and complexity of the business.

Bespoke Training

Employers are required “to provide whatever information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of your employees.” We can provide interactive and fun small-group or 1 to 1 training from 1 hour to full day to meet your specific needs.


  • Display screen assessment for computer users
  • Health and safety Induction for new employees
  • Risk assessing
  • CoSHH – chemicals
  • DSEAR – Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres